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Five Dolla Holla, Try Before you Buy

Free for 1 month! You’ll be able to instantly watch unlimited movies and TV show episodes over the Internet on your TV via a PS3/ PS4, Wii, Xbox 360,/ Xbox 1 or any other internet connected device. You can also watch instantly on your computer!

If you enjoy your Hoodflix trial, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue for as long as you choose to remain a member for only $5.00 a month. Hoodflix membership is a month-to-month subscription that begins at sign up. You can easily cancel anytime, online, 24 hours a day. There are no long-term contracts or cancellation fees. Just sign up to get started!

Watching the Good Flicks on Hoodflix

You can watch instantly from any Internet-connected device that offers a Plex app, such as a computer, gaming console, DVD or Blu-ray player, HDTV, set-top box, home theater system, phone or tablet. These devices are manufactured and sold by device manufacturers and App Stores like Google Play, Apple Store, Amazon Apps and Yahoo App Store.

Hoodflix streaming software enables you to instantly watch content from Hoodflix through any Internet-connected device that offers the Plex app. The software may vary by device and medium, and functionality may also differ between devices, We offer this software as an app to be downloaded onto any device such as the Apple iPad or Smart TV.

To begin watching movies and TV shows from your Windows or Mac computer:

  • 1. Open an Internet browser and go to

  • 2. Sign in under HOME, to access your Hoodflix account.

  • 3. Click LAUNCH

  • 4. Select a title to play.

We have thousands of movies and TV show episodes available to watch instantly right on your TV via any device that streams, including PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, and your computer. There are never any commercials no matter how much you watch, and you can pause, rewind, fast forward or re-watch as often as you like. It’s really that easy!

You can watch Instantly with many different levels of broadband internet, the speed and bandwidth of your broadband Internet connection may impact your viewing experience. Hoodflix streams a small amount of data as a buffer each time you start a movie or TV show. Frequently starting and stopping movies or TV shows will result in a minor increase in the amount of data Hoodflix streams to you per hour. In most cases, this will be less than a few minutes’ worth. Resetting your router and/ or modem will increase your bandwidth and help your streaming speed.

Hoodflix is a streaming service — movies and TV show episodes are streaming over the Internet, not being downloaded, so you must be connected to the Internet throughout your Hoodflix experience.

We update the New Releases page everyday to let you know what’s new on Hoodflix as soon as content becomes available for streaming. You can also take a look at Hoodflix on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more details on new arrivals and specific release dates.


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